Monday, May 31, 2010

This lady was really fun to meet! I almost missed meeting her as she was busy doing a recording for her online television station and I didn't want to interupt. But I saw a small window and decided to introduce myself. My wife was with me and we really enjoyed the brief conversation we were able to have with her. She is not only very creative, but has a great business mindset as well. She definitely knows what she is doing! And on top of all that, she has a great fashion style! I thought this combo was put together really well and the color combo works really well!

I passed these three really cool individuals shortly after lunch. Each one of them had their own unique style. So I asked permission to create a portrait and thankfully they said yes! I would've enjoyed having more of a conversation with them and learning more about each one. Also, I wanted to ask the guy where he got his shoes! :)

I had to capture a photo of this lady and her display. She and her art are just alive with color! My wife loves color and as a result our home is full of color! I'm sure this lady must have a colorful home as well! I wish I could see it! I love how her outfit coordinates with her display. what a great way to advertise your art and talent! :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I love how simple her outfit is and yet its so stylish and she looks great! This look totally suits her! This lady had sunshine all around her as she had such a warm smile which she would share generously with all who came by her. Joy is so contagious and I caught it as I walked by and couldn't help but ask if I could create a portrait of her for my fashion blog. Never underestimate the power of a smile! :)
She is the essence of creativity! I love this outfit! The shoes, socks, skirt, hat, etc! Such a fun combo! This is what I mean when I saw that outward expression is often a direct reflection of the inward heart! I have no doubt that this woman is fun, creative and interesting! :) I hope she continues to be who she is and that she expresses her artistic gifts and vision with passion. Remember, ALWAYS BE YOU! And never apologize for who you are! Who you are is God's greatest gift to you! :)

It always fun seeing guys who carry a messenger bag. I am never without mine and its something that still hasn't really caught on in eastern Iowa. But that's ok, it just means I get to help start a trend in this area. The grey/white/black color combo with brown shoes is so cool! I thought this guy put his outfit together well. It was also fun to do a street fashion photo outdoors which is my favorite arena to shoot in. :)

This guy was totally stylin' at the convention in this suit and shoes! It caught him by surprise to have someone ask to make a portrait of him, but he was willing. I'm glad because his style is awesome! I wish I could've shown the pattern stitch/pattern design on the jacket. I definitely plan to own a suit like this someday! I don't get a lot of photos of men because I don't find many who are purposefully creative with their outfits, especially here in the Midwest. So its really cool to find guys who enjoy fun fashion!
I would've really enjoyed getting to know this lady more. It would've been great to hear her story and what she is passionate about. I never even caught her name, but I know she has a special future ahead of her! So like I do for so many that I meet in passing, I will pray for her. I will pray for success, great health and a life overflowing in joy and love! Another style put together really well! I love when someone's style totally suits them. Yup, every now and then, you meet one of those people who you know is going to do something great. She is one of those people. Perhaps I will run into her again someday and my wife and I can have a cup of coffee with her and encourage her in her dreams and goals! :)

I must say, it was so much fun finding so many people who were willing to allow me to create a fashion portrait of them. These ladies were so kind and were a lot of fun to work with! I would've enjoyed doing a full photo shoot with them. Their fun styles matched their joyful spirit! Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived with passion and creativity. These ladies are doing just that! :)
Meet Kathy! She is a designer with Hemma Designs and a fun lady with a lot of joy and energy. I saw Kathy walking around and particularly liked the top she was wearing. It has such a fun design and looks great with her jeans and sandals. She agreed to a photo, but requested to have it done in her display. I thought that was cool since it would be a photo of her in her artistic environment. I encourage you to check out Hemma Design at: they have some wonderful designs there and I like what they have to offer.
I saw this guy and thought "now that guy is cool!". His outfit combo is fun and interesting! I especially like his jacket with the white outlining! I like when people have a look that is unique and their own. Street fashion is fun in this way because you can learn a lot about someone simply by how they present themselves. Our personal style is so often an outward expression of the heart. I like to encourage people to have fun and to be themselves. Sure, pay attention to trends and what's "in", but do it to be inspired. Don't let trends define you or dictate to you what you must do. That's not freedom, and it deadens creativity. Always be true to you.
These ladies were awesome! I really enjoyed meeting them and seeing how much fun they were having! Most people think about their displays that they'll set up for the show and use creativity in the display, but not everyone remembers that while the display is important, its even more important for the artist her/himself to draw attention as well. When I saw these ladies, I knew they truly enjoyed their art and what they do! No matter what business you're in, YOU are your business, never forget that and you'll be able to draw people to you in creative and fun ways! :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Another outfit full of color and creativity. And her shoes were absolutely awesome! I really like how playful all the patterns in this photo are, including the fun pattern on her dress. I was not able to create a portrait of her mom, but her mom was very fashionable as well. I would love to see their shop as I'm sure its full of color, creativity and fun! More people enjoying who they are, what they like to do and expressing that in their art and fashion! Awesome! :)
Claudia Black once said "Surround yourself with people who respect and treat you well." My wife and I enjoyed meeting the woman in this portrait. She had a warm presence about her and I liked her style a lot. She also had some very encouraging words for my wife. I really appreciated the fact that she cared enough to share those words. It is so important for us to surround ourselves with people who will lift us up, respect us and appreciate our value. If you do this you will soar in life.
This woman was so much fun! I really like her creativity and color matching in this outfit. What a great combo! Even her hair was colorful! I think its so important for people to be creative with color. Color adds expression and passion to life and allows us to discover aspects of who we are that we may not have discovered otherwise. Be bold, be expressive and have fun! :)

International Quilt Market

I am excited to post some fashion photos from the International Quilt Market in Minneapolis, MN. I met some wonderful and creative people and I'm very thankful they allowed
me to create a portrait of them. Thanks, everyone, for the opportunity!