Sunday, October 30, 2011

I was having coffee with a good friend of mine and Emily was one of the barista's working that day.  She was sporting an awesome fall outfit and was fun to photograph!  Emily works at Brewed Awakenings Coffeehouse in St. Lukes Hospital.  Her service style is excellent and she always greets her customers with a smile.  I noticed how everyone who interacted with her left feeling joyful.  As did I!  Stop in and see her sometime!  :) 
This is a photo from early this Spring.  I was attending the wedding of a friend of mine and I believe these ladies were good friends of the bride. I decided that they definitely needed to be featured on A Moment in Fashion. 
This is Jenny, who was featured earlier this year.  She was attending the wedding of her boyfriend's brother, as was I, and I had to capture her style. Check out her awesome shoes!  Jenny is another amazing and creative individual and I'm hoping to do a full-fledged photo shoot with her someday!
I feel bad because I cannot remember this ladies name.  But she was really fun to meet!  She was at Barnes & Noble viewing magazines when I saw her.  I love how she put this outfit together and how her bag matches her boots!  As you can see from the photo, she has such a bright and fun personality!  :) 


Some people inspire you just by being around them!  Staci and her family are that way for me.  They are constantly overflowing with creative energy and I always feel inspired when I am around them!  I really liked this summer outfit that Staci was wearing at one of the CR Downtown Farmer's Markets.  She always has such a fun style! 
Sonya is one of my favorite fashion designers.  She comes up with the most amazing creations such as the outfit featured in this portrait!  If I remember correctly, the netting on her skirt is from a table cloth.  She takes ordinary items and turns them into extraordinary fashion items!  Please check out her blog:  ( ) Sonya has recently had the opportunity to work on projects in New York City.  I'm really excited for her!  Though I hope she returns soon because she adds a lot to the art and fashion community here in Cedar Rapids.  :)  
I was pulling into the parking lot at Barnes & Noble (one of my favorite places to be!) when I spotted Simona of Cedar Falls, who was out and about spending time with her parents.  I love how she added color with her boots and scarf creating a dynamic style combo!  I learned that she is a Salsa dancer which I think is really cool!  My wife and I have always wanted to learn Salsa dancing and Simona filled me in on the local areas where we could go to learn.  She was really fun to meet! 
This is my friend, Samantha, an amazing fashionista!  I did some family portraits of her family and afterwards she posed for style portrait.  Please check out her blog at where you can see more of her great fashion styles! 
Check out this awesome jacket, worn by Monica! She is a spanish teacher at Coe College and is from Spain, where she found her jacket.  This was the second time I had seen Monica.  When I saw her the first time I missed my opportunity to ask for a portrait and I highly regretted missing her.  So I was grateful when I saw a few days later and she agreed to a portrait.  It was fun talking to her about Spain, a country I have always wanted to visit, and will visit someday!  :) 

For me, this blog wouldn't be complete without featuring the fashion styles of the love of my life, the amazing Melissa Marie!  She is always busy creating and doing something artistic and that creativity flows into her outfits.  She often makes articles of clothing, such as the top she is wearing in the above portrait.  It's always fun seeing what inspirations God has given her and I'm always honored to have a front row seat to seeing them expressed!  
Here is a great summer look worn by Melissa of Nancy Kula Pottery ( ).  I'd seen Melissa at several Farmer's Market events, where she often helps her mom, Nancy, but this was the first time i got to meet her.  :) 

It's always fun to capture portraits of Emily, one of my best friends!  I love her style and her smile and she always has such a fun energy about her.  In the top photo, Emily is sporting a summer style and in the lower photo she has a similar outfit, but in an early fall fashion style.  Doesn't she look great?!
This is Kirsten, she was at Barnes & Noble with her mom and had such a unique style that I had to ask her if I could make a portrait of her.  I really like the black and hot pink color combo. This is not a style seen very often here in the Midwest, so it was cool to see Kirsten sport this look!

Meet my new friend, Jurate Luckaite, CEO and President of Violet Luck, Inc. ( ).  I met her at an event in San Diego.  I highly encourage you to check out her website!  She is an amazing lady, full of vision and has such a genuine heart!  These photos aren't the best quality, but I absolutely had to post a photo of her outfit which is done with hand-painted art!  To see more artistic/fashion creations like this, please go to the Violet Luck website.  You will be inspired!  :)
This is Whitney. I met her at one of this year's CR Downtown Farmer's Markets.  She is an amazing photographer and artist and I loved how she paired these boots with her outfit!

Catching Up

It has been far too long since I last posted!  I apologize to those who were waiting to see their fashion portraits up.  I am planning to get back to posting on a consistent basis.  Thanks for your patience!  It has been a busy and active last few months.  There have been a lot of changes occurring in my life.  Thankfully they have been good changes.  :)   Please enjoy the latest street portraits of these awesome fashionistas!