Saturday, July 10, 2010

this guy was really cool and unique! I thought that this combo is great! the jeans, the shoes, etc. very cool! He was hanging out with the girls from the previous photos and one other guy. They were all really fun! Its great to see people out and about, enjoying themselves and being creative and true to themselves with their fashion!

I would love to do a photoshoot with them! They were so much fun and each one had her own, unique fashion style! They were all smiles, laughs and had such a joyful energy about them! My wife, who was with me, and I really enjoyed meeting them!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I met this young lady at Barnes and Noble Bookstores, one of my favorite places, and I was really impressed with her style. This is such a cool combo and perfectly coordinated! She has such a fun personality and seems like someone who really loves life and enjoys being creative! :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I met this lady while on vacation in Orlando, Florida. She was assisting my sister, Serena, while she tried on some clothes and allowed me to create a portrait of her. I love the kind of outfit she had on and she looked stunning! The shoes, leggings, dress, belt, bolero and watch are perfect together! She was so easy-going and fun to meet!

This is Carissa and she works at The Shop Next Door over by Brewed Awakenings Coffeehouse. My wife and I walked in to check out the store and we met Carissa. We really enjoyed meeting her and she has such an artistic perspective in life! Carissa always has a fun style and I really enjoyed this outfit she had on!

I was at the Edgewood Rd., Hy-Vee, a popular grocery store here in the Midwest when I saw these two. They were all dressed up for either the Kennedy High School homecoming or prom. I can't remember which one. They looked great and were having a lot of fun hanging out together and I just had to capture a photo of them!

Charity, my wife and I were all attending the wedding reception of some friends and I thought Charity looked awesome in this dress! It was such a lovely evening and I really enjoyed this setting with the white porch and fence, flowers and country yard behind her. :)

This is my sister-in-law, Charity. She was in town to pick up her new(er) car and had on this cute outfit! The jean-skirt with the jacket (i love the color!!) and scarf is excellent! Charity is really stylish and I usually end up doing a fashion photo of her when I see her! :)

Her dress is really cool and has a great pattern on it. I like how she included the grey cardigan, brown belt, lace tights and shoes. From head to toe, she is totally stylin'! I think its fun when people consider the entire combo when they put an outfit together!

These two look great together! I like his suit and hat combo and her blouse is great and perfect for a night out.

I thought this was a great combo! The dress is beautiful and has a great pattern! Her cardigan and belt compliment the dress perfectly and then throwing in the black boots and leggings help make the color stand out very nicely! She looked great!! :)

When I was a youth minister, there was a teenager named Amy in my youth group who loved to be creative! I'll never forget the time she came to a meeting with duct tape sandals, bracelets, purse and one other item that I can't remember. It was so different, but it was so cool!! Here is another outfit made totally from duct tape!! I just love that kind of creative thinking! The other lady in the photo also looks great! The dark jeans with the colorful jacket and shoes is an excellent style! More fun fashion from the recycled fashion show!

Talking about creativity!!! Check this out, a cute dress made from duct tape and trash bags!! I love the fact that nothing can stop a creative mind! Wouldn't it be kind of fun to go to Home Depot and search for materials for fashion?! She looked fantastic! Another fun style at the recycled fashion show!

Blue is one of my favorite colors and she looks absolutely amazing in this electric blue dress which she wore at the recycled fashion event in Cedar Rapids, IA! Her hairstyle and glasses also really compliment this look and her shoes, bracelet and neckless also go so well together. All in all, a perfect combo!! :)

I really love how she showed how one can take a simple "jeans and t-shirt" look and create a fun, fashionable and cute outfit! Her bag, shoes and scarf are perfect simple accesories that wonderfully enhance a casual style!

I LOVE the color black!! Especially when its done with creativity. These two ladies showed how black can be done in a way that is positive, fun and creative! They were fun to photograph and I love their smiles! :)

Check out these two handsome guys! This father-son duo were modeling their suits at a recycled fashion show here in Cedar Rapids, IA. They looked so sharp together and the young boy was having such an amazing time hanging out with his dad. I loved seeing that!