Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Melissa and I were heading into the NewBo Market to wait for some friends whom we were meeting for dinner when I saw Monica. She and her date, Grant, were enjoying a fun night together and were wonderful to meet and photograph. I absolutely love this outfit that Monica put together!


I met Bethany at Barnes & Noble today. Her awesome outfit immediately caught my eye and I was really glad when she agreed to a photo. She was kind enough to brave the cold weather so I could do the photo outside in better light. It was really fun to meet Bethany and to learn that she is an artist, entrepreneur, model and more! I am always inspired by just being around creative people like her! :)


I met Sarah at Brewed Awakenings Coffeehouse and absolutely loved her style! The colors and layers in her outfit are awesome! Sarah is a massage therapist and energy worker and has an amazing perspective on life. It was truly a blessing to meet her!


Say hello to Nichole! She is such a delightful person and like a little sister to me. Nichole is a creative powerhouse and an amazing singer. I can't wait for her first album to come out! :) Nichole was sporting this cool style at Fern Hill Gifts in South Amana, IA, where she was helping out with their Meet the Artist's event.


Meet my good friend and business partner, Jennifer. She is one of those people that you want to know! Jennifer is a dedicated mom and wife, personal trainer, photographer and entrepreneur. And as you can see in this post, she has amazing style! :)


This cool guy is Edgar. Melissa and I were shopping at the Oakland Road Hy-Vee and it was actually Melissa who initially spotted Edgar as he was in the checkout lane. So we waited for him to finish up and he was willing to be featured for my blog. It's always cool to see guys around this area who take an interest in their personal style. Edgar is a fun, upbeat guy and a local Entrepreneur.


I love my wife's style in this photo! It really matches her beautiful and colorful personality! She has begun to design amazing clothes recently and was a featured designer at the Recycle in Style Fashion Celebration this month. I will hopefully have a post from the fashion show up soon!

Melissa and Amy

My wife, Melissa, and her friend, Amy, have been friends since they were students at Springville HS. They are both fun, playful, and creative individuals and its so much fun to watch them interact! They were hanging out at Java Creek Cafè in this photo they looked great, so of course I had to snap a photo! :)

My Apologies For The Long Absence!

I have been so behind in posting the recent street fashion posts and I am looking forward to getting caught up! My goal is to get into a regular posting rhythm starting this month, so be on the lookout for some amazing style artists! :)