Saturday, November 20, 2010

the color and pattern on her dress is really cool! and I like how she added the grey cardigan and leggings to go with it. fun boots too!
These ladies were just arriving to the convention center in Houston and I believe they are from Japan. Jackets are such a fun article of clothing to create outfits with and they both show how fun including a jacket into your style can be!
I love the way she put this oufit together! To me, it works for her perfectly and it all blends together well. She looks great! :)
This guy was really fun! And his hat is really cool!! The quilt art in the background is his own art and its awesome!
Her dress is awesome and I love the colors! She is purposefully letting her blue slip show because she is advertising not only fun lace fabric but a creative style as well! She looks great! :)
Her style and personality was so unique and interesting! And her tattoo arm sleave is really cool! She was really fun to meet!
I absolutely love this style! A fun and creative combo! :)

I love how some people take a simple style and make it look awesome! I thought these two ladies did just that!

this is the awesome artist, Stephanie Brandenburg, art director for Camelot Cottons and a great friend to my wife and I. She has really opened the door of opportunity and possibility for my wife and I, (especially my wife) and we are so grateful for her! Her family is awesome too! This is her booth at the Houston Market where my wife, Melissa Marie, had her first three fabric lines released and displayed! Stephanie is wearing an outfit made from my wife's fabric! And this fabric is available for purchase if you would like to create an outfit as well! ;)
These ladies took a moment out of their busy day to allow me to capture a photo of them in their booth. I believe the business they represent is out of California and had a steady flow of business and visitors. I was glad they allowed me to capture their amazing style! :)
This fun group of ladies were out and about visiting booths at the Houston Market and were doing it in style!
I loved this mask that she made and so I had to take a photo of this to post! Her booth had amazing silk products and that's what she used with this mask. :)
This is the owner of the shop I just mentioned in the previous post. She is a wonderful and creative artist and has an amazing style! I love how she paired blue ankle boots with this outfit. When I post the link to her site, please check it out! If you like to sew, you will be inspired!!
I need to find the link to the business she is with, but this was one of my favorite booths at the Houston Market. They have a great vision and I love the products they carry! Her outfit combo is amazing and looks great on her. She has a great personality and was really fun to meet!
We stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Houston and there were many events where people came out all dressed up and while I wish I had captured more photos of all the outfits, I am glad I took a moment to create a portrait of this lady. I think she looks great!
In late October, I attended the International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas. My first experience with the quilt industry was earlier this year in St. Paul, Minnesota at the spring market (view the posts from May of 2010 to see photos) and these markets have become events that I absolutely look forward to! At these events there is such a feeling of community and the level of creativity and art is overflowing in abundance! With such creative minds there is definitely bound to be fun outfits! So of course I had to capture some images of those who extended their artistic vision into their wardrobe. I hope you enjoy and are inspired by these great outfits! :)

Also, to those who allowed me to create a portrait of you, thank you!! I look forward to seeing you in Salt Lake City, Utah next year!!