Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is Jessica. I almost missed her after church today and I was glad when I caught up with her. Jessica consistently has amazing style and today was no different! When it comes to creative and fun fashion she is a natural and has a wonderful personality and character as well! I really enjoy who she is and believe she has a bright future ahead of her! Jessica, thanks for allowing me to capture your style today! :)

Ronnie was on her way to a class when as my wife and I were leaving the coffeeshop, Brewed Awakenings. She was sporting a really fun outfit and the splash of color she added was excellent. Ronnie also works at Brewed Awakenings and consistently gives good and pleasant service! Thanks for allowing me to capture a portrait of you, Ronnie! :)

My wife, Melissa and I were getting coffee at our favorite coffeeshop, Brewed Awakenings, when we met Sarah. We both agreed that Sarah's style was super cool and that her shoes were awesome! She has such a sweet spirit and joyful presence about her and that translates into her fashion style. Sarah, it was great to meet you! :)

I met this stylish women shortly before I left the downtown farmer's market and was really glad to have seen her. The dress/sweater/boots and accessories combo she put together is amazing! Emma was hanging out with some of her friends and all of them were so much fun to meet! She has a great fashion style and a fun personality! Emma, thanks for allowing me to capture your style! :)

This is Blakenie, an artist and stylist that I met at the season's last downtown farmer's market. I really liked the outfit combo she was wearing and her bag was really neat too! The weather was cool enough for people to start wearing jackets and Blakenie's jacket was awesome! Fall fashion is the best in my opinion! :) It was great to meet you, Blakenie!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I thought Shannon looked absolutely amazing in this outfit and using downtown Mt. Vernon, IA for the backdrop was excellent. I had wanted to do a photoshoot in this town for quiet awhile and this was the perfect day to do one! Shannon was the model for the photoshoot for quilting company, Camelot Cottons, and we had a lot of fun! She has wonderful taste in fashion and brought along three different outfits that were awesome!

This is Shannon, in Mt. Vernon, Iowa for the quilting company - Camelot Cottons - photoshoot. Her dress is awesome and the shoes she chose to go with it are great! The photoshoot was so much fun and Shannon was great to work with! She has excellent style! :)

Meet my new friend, Shannon! She was the model for the latest photoshoot for quilting fabric company, Camelot Cottons. During the photoshoot she had three awesome outfits that she chose to model in. She has excellent style! The location was Mt. Vernon, Iowa (my favorite small town!) and the weather was perfect!! Shannon was wonderful to work with and the photoshoot was successful! :)

I was getting coffee at my favorite coffeeshop, Brewed Awakenings, on my way to a photoshoot and this young woman came in to get a cup of coffee as well. I believe she mentioned she was going to a baby shower or something fun like that and decided to put together a cool outfit for the event. She looked great and I'm so glad she allowed me to capture a portrait of her! This was the perfect start to what would be a wonderful day!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I met this fun and fashionable lady at the Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers Market today (9-4-10). It was one of the most beautiful days of the year and she was out with her son, who is with her in the photo, and her friend who brought her child as well. I thought this woman's style was awesome! Great combo, excellent colors, etc.! She put this together very well! So many people in the midwest settle for the simple jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes look (not that its bad or anything) and its always fun to find people who express their creativity and personality in their style, like this lady does! It was a great day! I was able to meet wonderful people like this lady, the weather was absolutely amazing and the Hawkeyes started their season with a win!!!

This young woman was hanging out with her mom at Barnes and Noble Bookstores and looking at some cool Japanese fashion books. I was looking for some fashion books as well (I was excited to find that NYLON magazine had released a new street fashion book called Street View!) and I noticed her fun outfit and asked if I could post a portrait of her to my blog. I thought she pulled this look off very well and her bracelets, necklaces and belt are great accessories!