Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is Rachelle! She was at the Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmer's Market and was so much fun to meet! I loved the fact that she paired cowgirl boots with this outfit! While most everyone else was wearing flip-flops, she opted for boots... why? Because she wanted to and she enjoys them! I love when people express their personal style like that! Rachelle is an artist and her creativity shows as this combo is absolutely amazing!

I met this lady at the Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmer's Market. There are some people who can take a simple outfit and make it awesome and this lady did just that! On a warm, summer day she put together a basic skirt and top but chose a skirt that was very interesting, a basic top and then decorated with accessories! She looked great and is a wonderful example how adding some creativity and fun thinking will spice up a simple style!

This is my awesome wife, the love of my life!! I always enjoy her style and I especially enjoyed this outfit she wore as we hung out together. I love this combo and the colorful top is one of her creations! She is an artist of color and the top she made really suits who she is!

I was at Barnes and Noble looking at magazines when I saw this unique couple walk by. They were so interesting to me and were definitely people who were expressing their own personal style. I loved the combo of her outfit and his hat and glasses were perfect with his style. I was glad they allowed me to capture a photo of them. They were fun to meet!

This is Joanna, an artist who works with my wife at Pine Needles Sewing Center. I arrived to pick my wife up from work and Joanna happened to be leaving as well. I saw her skirt and thought it was absolutely awesome! I was even more impressed when I found out that she made it herself! She did such an amazing work on this and it looks great on her!