Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My wife and I were grocery shopping at Hy-Vee when we spotted Amanda, an employee at Hot Topic, who was also out shopping. Melissa and I both absolutely loved Amanda's creative style! And she has a beautiful smile! :)
This is a photo of my wife and I at the wedding of a friend of ours. Normally I like to stay behind the camera, but I really liked our outfits, so I thought I'd post a photo! :)
This is Jessica. She is from Des Moines and was in the area on business. There was a snowstorm approaching and she was hoping to be able to make all her appointments before heading back home. Her fall/winter style is awesome!! great colors!
This couple was enjoying a fun morning at Brewed Awakenings and they were just too much fun for me not to ask for a portrait! They seem like a fun couple and I like their style together.
I was at Brewed Awakenings when this guy walked in. I immediately knew I had to approach him for a photo! I love the coat/scarf/hat combo!
While I was finishing up guest portraits at a friend's wedding, I saw this couple coming from a different event at the same hotel and thought they looked awesome! Such a unique and classic style!
This is a fantastic combo! I like the grey/black color tones and the accessories really make it come alive! Her hair is great too!
I met these two sisters at a wedding where I was doing portraits of the guests. I saw a lot of fun outfits and these two were kind enough to let me capture a photo of their fun style!

Monday, December 6, 2010

This is the amazing and ultra-talented Alisabeth! I had been wanting to meet her and was really glad to have the opporunity to not only meet her but to capture her fun style! I love the pink color accents in her outfit!
On November 12, my family and I celebrated my sister's birthday at the Red Avocado in Iowa City, Iowa. Its an amazing place to eat and the food their is delicious!! That night I met this lady who is one of the servers there and thought her outfit combo was very creative!

fun casual style!
Last day of the convention. As I was leaving the convention center, I saw the cool lady with the awesome arm tattoo again and asked for one more photo. :)
This is such a fun combo! I especially like the top she has on! what a cool design!
I thought this was a fun and unique style!
more fun outfits!
Here is a photo of Patty Young wearing one of her cool patterns! Her designs are inspiring to me as designing outfits is one of my interests. If you haven't already, check out her site: www.modkidboutique.com
It was fun to see someone else carrying around a camera! Her outfit was one of my favorites! This combo is amazing and the colors are awesome! She looks great!
This lady was always in style throughout the Houston Quilt Market! I loved the outfits she put together!

I thought this outfit with the neutral tones was really cool!
These ladies were so much fun to interact with! They had such a colorful display and their outfits were fun and colorful as well! I can't remember the name of their business, but I will try and post a link to their site later.

Here is a photo of Patty Young and her husband who is also dressed up for Halloween! They were really fun to meet! www.modkidboutique.com
This is Patty Young, artist, designer and business owner of ModKid. Her designs are amazing and in this photo she was dressed up for Halloween. Check her out at: www.modkidboutique.com and ModKid is also on Facebook.
This is the wonderful Kay Whitt, artist, designer, and business owner. This was the second time I've had the opporunity to talk with her and she is awesome! She just released her new book "Sew Serendipity" and she even signed a copy for me. Her website is: www.sewserendipity.com and Sew Serendipity is also on Facebook. In this photo she was all dressed up for a book signing. I encourage you to check out her site!
all dressed up for Halloween at the convention!

this fashionable lady designed and made her outfit! i think its amazing!!