Saturday, December 20, 2014


I was enjoying a book finding moment at Barnes&Noble when I saw Jenny.  One of my favorite fall/winter styles is creative layering and Jenny is clearly a style artist when it comes to layering an outfit together. 
Jenny is a woman with creativity and someone who is pursuing her dreams.  And I have no doubt she will realize those dreams.  

Sunday, December 7, 2014


This is my beautiful friend and neighbor, Akwi.  She is an amazing individual and a very talented artist.  She had stopped over with something to give my wife, Melissa, and I had to post this stunning outfit she was styling!  

Meara and Chandler

These are two of my favorite people!  Meara and Chandler add so much joy to my life and I had to post this fun photo of them from Halloween!  Stop in and see them at Brewed Awakenings Coffeehouse!  


was buying candy for trick or treaters on Halloween and ended up going through Sara's check out lane.  I loved how she did her eyes and her outfit was awesome!  So I asked if I could make a portrait of her!  :) 


Cashmira was shopping with her mom at The Fresh Market when my wife and I saw her.  We were immediately drawn to her amazing style!  It was crystal clear that she was an artist with a very fun spirit.  Through meeting her I learned that she is a home school student.  That was really fun to discover as I homeschooled from 6th grade through high school.  Keep being you, Cashmira!  You have a bright future ahead of you!  :)


I met Kerri at a book sale the CR Public Library was having at The Cherry Building this past October.  It was so much fun seeing all the fellow book lovers who were out enjoying the sale.  Not only does Kerri have great taste in books but she does in fashion as well!  It was great to meet you, Kerri!  :) 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Meara is such a delight!  She is a good friend, and a barista at my favorite coffeehouse, Brewed Awakenings.  I absolutely love Meara's personality and sense of style.  She has a lovely, unique  & genuine heart and it shows in everything she does!  


I always love being able to feature my beautiful wife, Melissa.  She has brought so much art and creativity to my life.  And continues to do so! She is a bright light and a joy!  I like how this outfit highlights the inner brightness she loves to bring to the world.  I love you, Melissa!  Keep shining!  

Sunday, August 31, 2014


There are some people who simply have the natural ability to infuse joy and light into wherever they happen to be.  Staci is most definitely one of them!  Along with having an incredible sense of style she has a beautiful heart full of vision and wisdom and she is an artist overflowing with talent! 


I met this cool and beautiful young lady named Morgan at The Blue Strawberry café in downtown Cedar Rapids today. She was meeting with a group of people and behind me in line to order a hot chocolate.  I loved everything about Morgan's style, from her awesome haircut down to her amazing boots, she simply exuded authenticity.   She was really fun to meet!  

Friday, March 7, 2014


I was hanging out with my good friend, Rod, at Brewed Café and Michele happened to be working there that day.  I love the simplicity of her outfit and yet it is still amazingly stylish.  Michele has some really cool aspirations and if I remember correctly, a really cool blog in the making!  I am looking forward to that! 


This is the ever-creative and stylish, Amber!  I photographed her once before (see link below) and we both recognized each other from that time last year.  She has an amazing style and I love the way she plays with layers with her outfits.  She is one of those people with creativity flowing through her veins!  I'm glad I got to feature her again!  :)

Kristin & Lance

I met Kristin and Lance on a Sunday last January when I was visiting Barnes & Noble after church.  They were also just coming from a church as well.  You know those people who have such a dynamic presence about them that you simply can't help but notice? Well that was the case with these two.  They have a powerful presence.  It didn't surprise me at all to learn that they have an active faith in God.  

Both of their outfits were so cool!! I could have done a full fashion shoot right there!

Kristin is an attorney and Lance is a professional soccer player.  I really hope to run into them again someday!  

Billie & Steve

This is one of the coolest couples you will ever meet (and I hope you do!) Steve and Billie have been good friends to both my wife and I for many years now.  Both are incredibly talented!  Steve is a painter and his artwork is absolutely incredible!! Billie is a writer and also has delectable culinary skills! In this photo they were enjoying a date night together at Barnes & Noble and were looking so stylish!  


Randi is one of the coolest and most skilled barista's in Cedar Rapids!  You can find her at the Starbucks across from Lindale Mall.  She has a delightfully warm and bright personality and a really fun personal style!  Make-up is definitely a part of fashion and I always love how Randi does her eyes!  Notice how cool her eyes blend with the environment!  Randi is also a talented artist and photographer!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


My wife and I were enjoying a moment at our favorite coffeehouse, Brewed Awakenings, when I saw Rachel, a student from Iowa State who was home for the holidays.  I loved her outfit and just the overall scene of her cozied up with a good book, listening to music and enjoying her coffee.  


So excited to introduce you to my friend, Jennifer!  She is an amazing Life Coach at No Limits Life Coaching ( ) Jennifer's light and enthusiasm for life is contagious and she inspires and encourages others daily!  And as you can see in this photo, she also has a great fashion style!  :)


I always love being able to feature my good friend, Shannon, in A Moment In Fashion!  She always has amazing style and this day was no different!  Such an awesome combo!  Shannon has also recently become engaged to her fiancé, Justin, who is a great guy and I'm really excited to have been asked to capture their special day!  Happy New Year and congrats to Shannon and Justin!! :)


Recently I had the privilege of doing a photoshoot with my friend, Katie.  I loved the outfit she chose for the shoot and had to make a few portraits for the blog.  Katie has such a genuine presence and was wonderful to work with!  


Ingrid is such a fun and creative individual!  This past fall season she had stopped over to style my wife's hair and not only did she do that, but she brought us coffee drinks as well!! I've always enjoyed Ingrid's fashion style and it was fun to be able to feature her again here on the blog!  

Thanks for the coffee, Ingrid!  :)


Kimberly is one of my childhood friends who I was able to reconnect with in 2012.  Last October, Melissa and I flew into Houston, TX for the International Quilt Market and Kimberly was so gracious and kind to pick us up from the airport!  She took us to a fresh food market grocery store to eat and we had such an amazing evening with her.  It was the perfect way to start our time in Houston.  
Kimberly has incredible style and it was fun to capture these photos of her that evening.  
Thanks, Kimberly, for making our arrival in Houston so wonderful!  You are a great friend!  :)

Street Fashion Scavenger Hunt cont'd.


Charity & Chloe


Lizzy, Marti, Staci & Melissa

Street Fashion Scavenger Hunt cont'd.