Thursday, June 30, 2011

My wife, Melissa, has now added "fashion designer" to her growing list of creative talents! The incredible top she is wearing was made by her! I have enjoyed watching her build a stylish wardrobe of items that are her own creations! Melissa never ceases to amaze me with what she can do and as an artist myself, she is a wonderful source of inspiration! :)
I met Kristin in the Barnes & Noble cafe and asked her for a photo because her dress is simply amazing! The top that she put with her dress really compliments this look! I don't know Kristin, but I can tell that she has a wonderful and creative spirit about her!
I loved the outfit Mom chose for the last day of our vacation in Branson! She naturally has a wonderful sense of style and that showed as she put this outfit together so well! Its also fun seeing how her fashion has evolved and changed over the years and I am convinced that she just keeps getting younger and younger! :)
Chelsea and Kayleigh are siblings and residents of the Branson area. They were out and about in their fun outfits and were looking for a good place to get some ice cream. It was great to get a taste of the fashion style of local Branson!
While vacationing in Branson, MO this summer, Melissa and I were shopping at the Tanger Outlet Mall where we met Jennifer. I found out that Jennifer is also a photographer and is from Arkansas. I love her dress/boots and bag combo! When I asked her for a photo she suggested that Melissa be in the photo with her. :)

Thousands of people come out to the Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmer's Market events, so you are bound to run into people you know. It was fun seeing my friends, Courtney and her husband, Chris, and I thought it was great how their outfits kinda matched!

I went to the first Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmer's Market of the season where I met Margaret. I first noticed her lace-up tattoos and had to tell her how cool they were! Margaret was really fun to meet and with her stylish hat, and accessories I just had to get a photo for my blog! :)
This is Aubree! I love this outfit she wore to her sister's graduation party. Such a fun dress and her shoes are great! I have had the wonderful privilege to work with Aubree in the past in photoshoots. She is great to work with! :)

Nichole is such a fun and talented young lady! She has an awesome singing voice and a great sense of style! This is the outfit she wore to her sister's graduation party. I think this combo is excellent! Keep singing and never stop being you, Nichole! You've got a bright future ahead of you!! :)
I'm exited to be able to post another photo of Shannon. She has such a fun style and I absolutely love her smile! Every time I see her, she has this bright smile that is highly contagious! :) This photo was taken at a mutual friend's graduation party.