Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here is my lovely wife, Melissa! :) I really enjoyed this outfit she wore on this beautiful fall evening! Black, white and red can be an amazing combo and she proved that well in this outfit. I especially like how the zebra stripes outlining her red sweater match her zebra stripes boots (which she painted herself!) The fabric she is holding are her own designs which are making a huge splash in the quilt and fabric world! I'm so proud of her! :)


  1. Lovely wife and cool fashion sense ;)

  2. Would have loved to have met you (Melissa) at Quilt market. I briefly met your husband...because he wanted a picture of my funky bright green dress. Your proud husband said you were debuting your new fabric line, but I must have missed the info when he said which company you were designing for. A big congratulations to you! I am a fellow fabric designer and am also new to this industry. My third line was debuting and this show. I'm enjoying fabric design very much. If you ever want to bounce thoughts or ideas off of another fabric designer, or have industry questions, feel free to contact me. I don't have all the answers (or even half of them), but I do enjoy making contact with others doing what I do. Hope to see you in Salt Lake City in May.
    Samantha Walker (I design for Riley Blake...my new line is Enchanted Garden.)