Friday, December 28, 2012


This is the amazing and inspiring, Sonya! She does so much for the community promoting incredible ideas for art and sustainable fashion. She is greatly involved in the Czech community as well and has helped to educate others about and to highlight their beautiful culture. I have always been and will always be a fan of Sonya's creative style!


  1. Louis, this is Hailey. You met me today 10/10/13 at barnes and noble. I was there with my boyfriend Shawn and you asked us for a picture. But anyways I know(have met a few times) and love Sonya. I was in a couple fashion shows that she did for Goodwill a few years back. She is really inspirational. I love her fashion sense and how she goes to thrifts stores to buy and make her own outfits. And I love that you are so passionate about photography and fashion. Love, Peace, Fashion!! :)))